Practice in light to medium rain (unless it is too cold to do so or the fields are unsafe) because we will play games in light to medium rain (unless it is too cold to do so or the fields are unsafe).  Whether or not to play U-6, U-8, and U10 games will be a game time decision.  U-12 and up will play in heavy rain with no thunder or lightning present.  If the referee deems field conditions are or become dangerous he or she has the authority to terminate the game.

Thunder/Lightning – Practices and games must not commence in the presence of thunder and/or lightning.  If your practice or game is underway and thunder and/or lightning occurs, the activity (practice or game) is immediately postponed for 30 minutes.  Immediately evacuate the field and have all players go with their parent/guardian to their vehicles.  Activity cannot resume until lightning or thunder has not occurred for 30 minutes.

Hail –Practices and games are halted for hail.  If the hail storm passes by and lightning and/or thunder are not present, and the field conditions are safe the referee may restart the game.  Coaches may restart their practices using good judgment on weather and field conditions.

Tornado Watches and Warnings – JYSA does not cancel activity based solely on Severe Weather Watches or Warnings given by radio, television, internet, etc.  Practices and games can begin as scheduled.  However, if severe weather arises, or a tornado siren is sounded all activity (practices and games) are immediately terminated, the fields evacuated, and all persons shall leave to seek shelter.

KY State Rules For Heat Index – If the heat index is 104 degrees (F).or more, NO ACTIVITY (game or practice) is permitted.  If the heat index is 101 – 103 degrees (F) water breaks are mandatory every 10 minutes and the activity levels must be reduced.

Cold Weather – We play in cold weather, except if it is sleeting or freezing rain and it is dangerous for the players.  The Referee has control of the game. The referee may or not confer with the coaches (it is not required of them) regarding playing conditions.  If the game has started and conditions worsen in the second half the referee may terminate the game.

The referee has control of the game.  They are the on field decision making authority.  This includes cancelling a game before it starts (game time decision) due to weather or field conditions and after the game has commenced.

The JYSA President, VP, or Rec Chair make advanced pre-game decisions to cancel activities (games or practices) due to weather or field conditions.

Game cancellations must be reported to the Referee Assigner when the decision is made.